Zedge App Review

Zedge App Review

Compared to iOS devices, the user interface of Android devices may seem mundane and outdated upon activation. However, Android users have the advantage of being able to access a vast array of exceptional customizations through the Zedge app. Zedge offers a plethora of high-quality wallpapers and trendy ringtones that can be easily downloaded for free.


The Zedge mobile app can be obtained from the Play Store, and upon installation, you can navigate to the menu and select the “Ringtones” option. On the mobile device’s screen, you will be presented with three options:

The HOME tab provides suggestions for free ringtones based on popular searches, while the CATEGORIES page enables you to select a specific genre of ringtones, such as hip-hop, classical, recent, contact ringtones, message tones, and others.

For example, Zedge features a category dedicated to Bollywood ringtones, and you can also conduct a direct search for Hindi or Tamil ringtone downloads. Finally, the PREMIUM tab contains locked and subscriber-only ringtones.

How to Setup Zedge App

  • It is convenient to download the Zedge app from the Android Play Store.
  • Upon installation, you may either opt to create a new account or explore the app as a guest. By selecting either the ‘Wallpapers’ or ‘Ringtones’ tab, you can browse through an array of options.
  • Once you have found the desired item, simply tap on its icon. You will then be presented with the option to set it as either a wallpaper or ringtone.
  • After selecting either ‘Set as Wallpaper’ or ‘Set as Ringtone’, your chosen item will be set as the default wallpaper or ringtone on your device.

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Zedge App Features

Unlimited Stickers

The primary aspect of this application is its boundless collection of stickers, which allows users to explore an array of latest and limitless stickers. Additionally, customization options are available for these stickers. Users can utilize these stickers for creating memes, capturing amusing moments, and embellishing their video clips and photographs.

Latest Ringtone

The most extensive assemblage of complimentary ringtones is at your disposal, so to speak. You can effortlessly configure the most current ringtone and customize the sound foundation to your liking. Opting for a trendy ringtone is yet another viable alternative.

zedge app review

Free of Cost

The majority of the functionalities within this application are provided free of charge, and are readily accessible upon creating an account. Among these features are an ample selection of audible signals and personalized ringtones.

Pros & Cons


  • Zedge offers a wide array of customization options, such as ringtones, live wallpapers, and static wallpapers, which can be accessed easily due to its uncomplicated and attractive user interface.
  • This feature makes Zedge an inclusive platform that can be utilized by virtually anyone.
  • Moreover, Zedge offers free downloads of ringtones, which adds to its appeal.


  • In order to fully access the array of features offered by the Zedge app, it is imperative to procure the premium version, as the user interface is inundated with advertisements in the absence of a subscription.
  • Additionally, downloading certain ringtones only requires the use of credits. However, on an iPhone, an auxiliary application such as GarageBand must be installed to enable the playing of Zedge ringtones.
  • It should be noted that the app requests a significant number of permissions, which some users may deem to be a potential security risk.

What’s New

AI generated prompts.

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How do I use Zedge to get free ringtones?

To acquire Zedge online, commence by downloading it from the Play Store and then activating the application while consenting to the terms and conditions. Next, navigate to the menu list and select the option for ringtones. Once you have identified the desired ringtone, click on its title and proceed to initiate the download process by clicking on the corresponding icon.

Is it safe to use Zedge?

In the recent past, the Zedge app was temporarily removed from the Google Play store due to it being flagged as potentially malicious. The root cause of this issue was identified as a software bug.

Subsequently, the Zedge app was re-uploaded to the Google Play market and there was no conclusive evidence to suggest that it posed a threat to users.

However, it should be noted that the app requires access to several permissions, which may raise concerns among some users.


The ZEDGE Backgrounds & Ringtones app for Android offers a plethora of engaging wallpapers and ringtones, and we highly encourage all users to delve into its features.


  • Updated:Jan 20, 2023
  • Size: 38 MB
  • Current Version: 8.0.4
  • Requires Android: 5.0 and up
  • Offered By: Zedge