Traffic Rider Game Review

Traffic Rider Game Review


Why not try racing a motorcycle this time if you’re getting tired of the usual racing games ?

Apkstork provide you the best traffic rider game review according to our own experience. A traffic rider game is a good way to keep the memories  of childhood bike games. If you want to go back into your future then this is one of the best motorbike games available for iOS and Android is called Traffic Rider. Soner Kara is the creator of this game.This game was officially published on 11th January 2016.

By including a complete career mode, the Traffic Rider game offers you the best visuals, first-person viewpoints, and authentic captured bike sounds. With Traffic Rider, you may enjoy riding a motorcycle while participating in endless racing competitions.

In essence, traffic rider is a first-person driving game in which the player controls a rider who rides a bike behind the handlebars and accelerates aggressively through traffic. This is a pretty well-liked game that offers you lots of things to use while playing.

Setting Up Traffic Rider

This easily available on both android and apple store. Gamers will have the opportunity to experience the fastest speed motor racing adventures in this game. A talented teenage biker mission to rule the streets of the city. In this game, you  can start your ultimate racing experience with the assistance of friends and professional city drivers as well.

Take your bike to the road by selecting your favorite motorbike. You only win this game by your high speed and best strategy. In this strategy you make the best decision to cross the hurdles in a very short time.

Furthermore, you will also face a busy traffic to devote your intention. A police car will also rush to you if you violate any traffic sign rules. You can also explore a variety of fascinating racing modes that provide engaging and fun gameplay. Create new strategies for enjoying the thrilling gameplay of racing.

Traffic Rider Game Review
Game Play

Traffic Rider Latest Features

A lot of customizations option  for bikes

Now the bikers  enhance their bike experience more enjoyable by upgrading their bike with a lot of customization features. The customization is easily adjustable , adding new features to your bike with the old one is definitely worth it.

Traffic Rider Game Review
Best Customization Feature

Off-line Mode

The game also provides its whole offline gameplay for you to freely enjoy if you’re interested. All of which will be accessible whenever you are outside and the Wi-Fi connections are not set up.


You should have more scores if you want to make your ride go faster because high scores will allow you to have the fastest ride possible.

Wide Language Support

  • The game is simple to grasp because it supports 19 different languages.

Bonus points

When driving over 100 km/h, you can earn points and money. Pass other cars closely to earn bonus points and money. Driving in the other direction on a two-way street also earns you points and money.

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Pros & Cons


  • Stunning, intricate graphics.
  • administration with simplicity.
  • the capacity to play without an Internet connection.
  • a wide range of motorcycles.
  • enjoyable musical accompaniment
  • believable results.
  • Donations are not necessary.


  • High levels of the game are challenging to complete.
  • Rapid response is necessary.
  • There are few chances to acquire gold coins.

What’s New

  • 2 new motorcycles were added.
  • Numerous updates and bug fixes


Moto players will now have the opportunity to participate completely in the greatest bike racing adventures. Feel free to get lost in the challenging levels, enjoy the interesting game modes, and collect several motorcycles. Take part in the realistic racing experience with its incredibly quick challenges and stunning visuals. Additionally, you will always have access to the game’s free, unlocked version on our website.