Subway Surfers Game Review

Subway Surfers Game

You find yourself engaged in an endless escape within the realm of the Subway Surfers Game, a creation by SYBO Games. This game has garnered considerable attention and enthusiasm from gamers due to its captivating storyline and enjoyable, user-friendly gameplay.

Throughout your journey, you encounter various challenges that necessitate surpassing barriers placed along the railway tracks. Moreover, the game offers abundant opportunities to accumulate numerous coins and gifts by playing progressively. These coins and gifts can then be utilized to purchase customized players and a plethora of premium features.


The protagonist of the Subway Surfers game is a young boy who engages in spray painting on a railway component, which serves as the primary catalyst for the game’s beginning. Upon tapping the screen, a security guard or policeman emerges, prompting the main character to initiate a daring escape from their pursuit.

To acquire a greater number of coins or gifts, it is necessary to invest more time in the game, as the duration of gameplay directly correlates with the amount of coins earned. Furthermore, throughout the course of the run, players must also evade policemen in order to prolong their gameplay. These coins can subsequently be used to purchase new characters and hoverboards.

Moreover, keys can be collected, granting the player the ability to resume their current run even after being apprehended by the authorities.

The primary objective of the game is to continuously run for as long as possible, as there are no set levels or limits, while avoiding collisions with trains, obstacles, and the clutches of pursuing policemen.

By swiping the screen, players can perform various actions such as moving left or right, jumping (ascending), and rolling beneath obstacles. Additionally, the spacebar button can be utilized to activate a hoverboard. The game relies on basic reflexes and quick reaction times, making speed and agility essential for success.

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How to Setup Subway Surfers Game

  • Download the Subway Surfers game from the Google Play Store or the App Store. 
  • After download and installation, open this game and select the appropriate profile to play the game. 
  • You have an option to select characters according to your wish.
  • The game will start and your character will start running. 
  • Now it’s time to run and collect as many coins as you can. 
  • Now you need to run properly like save you from different obstacles because once you tuch this obstacles then your speed is slow and policeman easily caught you. 
  • Collect power-ups to help you increase your score and progress faster in the game. 
  • Your aim is to reach the finish line before the time runs out. Try to beat your high score: As you play the game, try to beat your high score. 

Subway Surfers Saga Features

Responsive Control

The Subway Surfers game lacks originality in its gameplay mechanics. It relies on a familiar swipe-based control scheme similar to that of Temple Run. However, it does offer the advantage of having a limited set of controls to remember.

The controls themselves are straightforward and user-friendly. By swiping your screen in the desired direction, you can navigate through the game, with the game engine handling the rest of the actions. In general, the controls are responsive, ensuring a smooth experience for players. Well-implemented controls are crucial for the success of an endless runner game.

Always ready to update

The game developers regularly enhance the visuals of the tracks and introduce fresh characters on a monthly basis. Throughout a span of 30 days, players have the opportunity to unlock numerous new characters. These updates serve as an incentive for gamers to frequently revisit Subway Surfers and discover the latest modifications.

Top Customization

You may already be familiar with the extensive roster of characters offered in Subway Surfers. However, the game encompasses much more than just that. It provides a plethora of options for customizing many of these characters.

Through microtransactions, players have the ability to purchase these customizations or alternatively, they can be earned through gameplay. These options serve as a convenient means to bestow a unique touch upon your preferred characters.

Additionally, certain characters may possess distinctive attire that corresponds to specific themes, allowing them to dress accordingly.

Subway Surfers Game

Pros & Cons


  • Subway Surfers is an incredibly captivating game that boasts an abundance of unlockable levels, showcasing remarkable visuals and immersive sound effects.
  • Its user-friendly controls are effortlessly comprehensible, making for a seamless gaming experience.
  • Furthermore, this game is readily accessible at no cost to the user.


  • Subway Surfers may exhibit repetitiveness due to the limited variation in its levels, thereby lacking sufficient diversity.
  • Moreover, the presence of intrusive advertisements within the game detracts from the overall experience.
  • Additionally, navigating through the higher levels can pose a challenge, making it arduous to advance further.

What’s New

George’s Moonbun Outfit and Bonnie’s Lucky Outfit are TWO additional NEW clothes that are available with event coins.


There is limited scope for expressing negative remarks about Subway Surfers as it presents itself as a comprehensively designed and dependable game, offering a suitable amount of content for an uncomplicated endless runner experience.

However, one minor drawback of the game could be its relatively low difficulty level, which may not provide a sufficiently challenging experience for some players.

Additionally, the inclusion of microtransactions seems rather superfluous since they primarily serve to expedite the acquisition of cosmetic items. If compelled to identify a negative aspect, these aspects could be considered.

In general, Subway Surfers can be regarded as an exceptional game. Whether you are seeking an engaging endless runner for personal enjoyment or a suitable option for a child’s tablet, we wholeheartedly recommend this game.

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Additional Information

  • Updated :  May 12, 2023
  • Size :  152 MB
  • Current Version :  3.12.0
  • Requires Android: 5.0 and up
  • Offered By:  SYBO Games