Snapchat Application Review 2022

snapchat application review

Apkstork provide you the best snapchat application review according to our own experience .Currently, Snapchat application is the most well-known and user-friendly communication application. Users can edit their stories and share sentimental photos on Snapchat. Users of snapChat can use photos to document and share all of their remarkable daily moments with their friends.

Send a description and a photo or video of a buddy that you took. It will briefly appear before your friend notices it and then vanishes on its own.

Setting up Snapchat Application

You must first create an account on Snapchat application using a legitimate email. You only download and install this application using your android phone by play store and IOS by Apps Store. There doesn’t appear to be a Facebook or Google login option. So you only need to verify your snapchat account using your official Gmail account.  

Using Snapchat’s search feature, you can actually send a “snap” to anyone you find in addition to friends and complete strangers. There is a chance that others who are not your friends won’t see your snaps, yet many users modify their privacy settings solely to view snaps from friends.

Snapchat Application Latest Features


In this snapchat application review we cover the overall image features that very recent upgrade by the snapchat team. In this like any image or video that you share to one or more of your contacts is known as a snap. After being viewed, every Snap (photo or video) is automatically removed.

The overall length of a Snap video is 10 seconds. A snap will evaporate after 30 days if it is sent to a friend and is not opened by the recipient.


Snapchat is not only just messaging your friends. Additionally, it might involve conducting video calls, sending audio messages in chat, and sending text messages to both individuals and groups. Following viewing, chat will vanish.


If you take a picture and save it. These pictures are kept in recollections. Similar to backing up your photographs and stories.


Snapchat filters are unique impacts that may be applied to snaps, and they can change depending on the time of day, location, events, or holidays. Snaps that can be retrieved in a certain place have a special and distinctive filter added to them called a geofilter. You must turn on your location in order to make this feature available

Pros & Cons


  • Entrepreneurs can use Snapchat application to advertise their goods and services to their followers. This application enables the direct communication with potential customers and update business and services.
  • You can quickly engage in one-on-one communication with your followers and provide personal or behind-the-scenes information. This will only possible when the other person mus be add in your friend list.
  • The Snapchat share stories function enables you to publish content, discuss topics of interest, and engage with other users.
  • You can explore premium content, get recommendations for people you might know, or utilize the discover feature to promote your brand.


  • When people share content, they frequently assume it will be erased automatically after 24 hours. Snapchat alerts you when someone attempts to screenshot one of your images, but it does not stop them from doing so.
  • Unless they send you a direct message, it is difficult to tell whether your target audience watched your Snapchat application video and ads or simply missed them.
  • Each video lasts for 10 seconds. If your content is lengthy, you must publish multiple videos, and if there are too many, this may get bothersome.

What’s New

Upgrades with bug fixes!


Apkstork provide the honest review according to our personal experience that Snapchat application is an easy application to use for both new and seasoned users due to its clear user interface.

To snap a picture, a button or tab must be pressed. Holding down the button continuously is all that is necessary to start recording. Photos of you and your friends that have been posted publicly may also be published by a user.


  • Updated : Dec 5, 2022
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  • Requires Android : 5.0 and up
  • Offered By : Snap Inc