Shiny Blitzle : Is it possible for Blitzle to have a shiny variation in Pokémon GO

Shiny Blitzle

Shiny Blitzle Pokemon are highly coveted by trainers due to their distinct color palettes and rarity. Trainers are always eager to add a new Shiny Pokemon to their collection whenever possible. However, Niantic, the game developer, is known for being selective about which Shiny Pokemon are available in the game, despite having the data and models for all Shiny Pokemon in the franchise in the game files.

It has been confirmed that Shiny Blitzle will be obtainable during the upcoming Spotlight Hour event. With this knowledge, players can start preparing themselves for the upcoming hunt. Here are some useful tips that every shiny hunter should keep in mind while attempting to find this rare variant of the creature.

Tips for finding Shiny Blitzle in Pokemon GO

The game Pokemon GO features a mechanic called Weather Boosting. This is often overlooked by trainers when they are on the hunt for Shiny Pokemon. This feature increases the probability of certain creatures. This appearing in specific locations based on the weather conditions and the elemental attributes of the Pokemon.

Shiny Blitzle is a pure Electric-type Pokemon whose spawning probabilities are considerably increased by wet weather. Using the Weather Boosting option can potentially shorten the time it takes to encounter a Shiny Blitzle. Because of the higher spawn rate, even if it is practically likely that Blitzle will spawn within the allotted Spotlight Hour.

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In a similar vein, it is advisable for players to ensure they have an adequate supply of consumable items that directly increase the general spawn rate of certain areas. The two most crucial resources that trainers should carry while hunting in Pokemon GO are the Incense and Lure Module items, as they can be used to establish a patrol route.

To maximize efficiency during time-sensitive events such as a Spotlight Hour in Shiny Blitzle Pokemon GO, where time is limited, it is advisable to have a route that covers three or four Pokestops. Trainers can utilize the Incense as it continuously spawns wild creatures. As long as they remain in motion while walking through the established route between these Pokestops.

It is believed that players will be able to find a new Shiny Blitzle during Pokemon GO’s Spotlight Hour . This will be appropriate conditions and enough perseverance. The logical next step would be to evolve it once they have one. To do this, you must gather 50 Blitzle candies. You can do by catching and moving 10 Blitzles during the event.