Kick the Buddy Game Review

Kick the Buddy Game

Playgendary’s Android game has been changed to become Kick the buddy game . The video game’s idea is very easy. You play this game with your friend and your first target is to defeat your friend. This game developed as a stress reliever in a virtual environment.

When you are frustrated then play any round and start bashing it on the floor. And upset for whatever cause in super buddy kick. You risk losing a lot as a result, therefore we provided an alternative.

Story and Game Play

In this game, players are exposed to a comparatively simple game concept while having access to a large selection of “items” that they can use to test on a practice purpose. This is the best game to overcome your stress. 

The easiest way to get him to pass out is to tap on him continuously. Alternately, step up your game as you accumulate enough cash and coins to purchase powerful and unique weapons.

Take up your weapons, and begin firing at him. Even more destructive rockets could be fired against him. You may let a tiger tear him apart or even use a flamethrower to attack him.

How to Set-Up

  • Download the kick the buddy game from the App Store or Google play store
  • Open the game and create an account. 
  • Once your account is created you may now choose your favorite character
  • Now you can choose the level option that you want to play in kickthebuddy. 
  • Set up the environment in which you want to play, such as the type of weapon, background, and other available items.
  • You may select the number of levels or round that you are in interested to play
  • Select the type of game you want to play (single or two player). 
  • Start playing!

Latest Features

Prepare the Rooms with Different Decor

In addition to the standard drab cardboard box, players in Kick the Buddy are also allowed to choose from a selection of decorations, which changes the environment and enables more interesting activities. Imagine yourself tormenting people in areas that are more fitting, such a park, a switch room, a padded cell, or even a symphony hall.

Daily Free Spin

The game also features an excellent slot machine where you may win fantastic prizes and open awesome “items” for free. Players can make a free spin every day in the game, so if you find it fascinating, take the time to claim your wonderful rewards.

Online or Offline Mode

Even if you’re not connected to the Internet right now, don’t worry; you can still play this fantastic game for as long as you like even if you’re offline.  You don’t need to worry about your game play when you are playing offline. This game play were autosave one you play on the internet. 

Kick the buddy game

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Everyone easily understands this game because it’s a simple and fast game.
  • It helps players to use their imagination and creativity skills. 
  • The game is challenging and can be played over and over again. 
  • It teaches basic problem-solving skills. 
  • Best game for depressed people because once can easily overcome their stress by playing this game.


  •  The game is violent and not suitable for children.
  •  It may be seen as a form of aggression and can lead to desensitization to violence. 
  • Some of the weapons used in the game may be too powerful and unrealistic. 

What’s New

The Overall Performance is now good. All kind of bugs and errors is remove.

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The kick the buddy game is a fun and entertaining way to let off some steam. It is a stress-relieving game that allows you to take out your frustrations on an inanimate object, without any real-world consequences. 

The game offers a variety of weapons and tools to customize your experience, allowing you to create the perfect virtual punching bag. The graphics are simple but appealing and the game offers enough variety to keep it interesting. It is a great way to take a break from the real world and relax for a few minutes.

Additional Information

  • Updated: Mar 6, 2023
  • Size: 114 MB
  • Current Version: 1.5.10
  • Requires Android: 5.0 and up
  • Offered By: Playgendary Limited