Hero Wars Game Review

Hero Wars Game


Hero wars game is a fantasy action video game that can be played on Facebook  Android, iOS, Windows OS, and in the browser. Playing hero wars is totally free. The store also accepts cash for the payment of goods. The game is downloaded via Facebook Gameroom,  and Google Play in addition to being playable in a web browser.

The Hero wars Facebook game is more popular than others.  

Hero wars is a fun role-playing game that combines puzzles. Even if the operating system is a free game, it is nonetheless addictive. You will get a taste of the turn-based general card strategy by playing Heroes War. 

It is combined with the capacity to fully experience one’s freedom of movement during each conflict. In terms of graphics and plot, this game is quite well invested. The struggle between allied factions and the search for absolute dominance are both depicted. Read the hero wars game review and make your own decision!

Story and Game Play

The mobile version of LoA II has a game called hero wars that is comparable.  This game has a lot of fantastic features. With the gold you get from completing tasks, you can outfit your heroes and increase their stats. 

There are three currencies in the game. Friendship chips, a heart-shaped item, gold, and diamonds are some examples of this money. Diamonds are a paid currency that may be bought with real money. Moreover, you can get gold from tasks. Diamonds can also be obtained by fulfilling tasks. There will also be achievement incentives available.

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Hero Wars Game Latest Features

  • Dozens of powerful heroes to level up and unlock with special abilities.
  • Bosses, Archdemons, and other Hellborn figures are among the hundreds of foes you must defeat.
  • Join tens of thousands of epic PvP arena and grand arena battles.
  • RPG combat that is vibrant and full with action will quench your hunger for exploration.
  • guild wars on a grand scale to prove yourself.
  • Multi-tiered rating to keep your accomplishments and legacy alive.
Hero Wars Game

Pros and Cons


  • Fun and engaging combat system
  • Variety of interesting and challenging levels 
  • Customizable characters, with the ability to upgrade and equip different items 
  • Great graphics and sound 
  • Interesting storyline with plenty of dialogue 


  • Repetitive gameplay at times 
  • Lack of difficulty options 
  • Limited character customization options 
  • Occasional glitches and bugs


When  this game introduces an easy-to-use management interface and collapses, it greatly aids the gamer. Gamers only need to be instructed once in order to understand quickly.

Depending on the role, attack range, and skill traits of each character.  A variety of mobility capabilities in comparison to the games now available in this game. Players must master these elements in order to set up the most successful combat and defeat all foes.


  • Updated: Mar 13, 2023
  • Size: 96 MB
  • Current Version:  1.164.400
  • Requires Android: Android 5.1 and up