FaceApp Review

FaceApp Review

In our FaceApp review we consider this is one of the best and professional photo editors in the photo editing industry. This  application uses artificial intelligence to help you customize your face. 

Further, faceapp online available on every platform. Brilliant features in the application examine your face to provide the perfect filters. You must install this application on your Android device in order to access it. 

Additionally, the application helps you edit your photos using a variety of tools.

What does FaceApp ?

In our FaceApp review , the app is the best tool for users to evaluate themselves in various situations. It offers a wide range of resources that can be utilized to alter your appearance. As a result, you can either take pride in your new appearance or treat it seriously by changing how you look in response to specific changes.

Users can use FaceApp to alter their appearance in the beginning in accordance with their new ages, genders, hairstyles, facial features, and more. It’s really simple for Android users to experiment with fresh appearances on themselves thanks to the alternatives offered.

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How to Set Up FaceApp ?

  • Download the FaceApp app from the App Store or Google Play and create your account.
  • Now select the most suitable features according to your requirements.
  • Follow the instructions to take a photo or select an existing photo from your library. 
  • Use the built-in tools to edit your photo. 
  • Save your photo and share it with friends.

FaceApp Features

Gender Transition

This application  also provides users with another stimulating feature, like the ability to change their gender. The user of the application can change ther gender of people in images. It is an excellent tool that helps people understand how they might appear to their opposite gender.

Modify your Hairstyle and Colour

Users can first alter the hair colour and styles of their characters in FaceApp. Having said that, the app gives you the freedom to select from a variety of hairstyles with various lengths and hues. 

Feel free to experiment with a vast array of various hairstyles to alter your appearance. Enjoy imagining how different you might appear and look. If you’re interested, FaceApp gamers can also let the AI choose their ideal haircuts based on their own sets of priorities.

Alter the Background or the Filters

The game also offers a number of other backdrops that you may select and use in the image for those of you who are interested.  The background is totally changed and it’s also customized according to your wish.

Additionally, you may simply change your faces with mind-blowing transformations thanks to the color filters, lens blurring characteristics, and many helpful tools. As you explore the programme, keep exploring and taking use of a variety of different filters.

FaceApp Review

Pros & Cons

In this FaceApp Review we will share our honest review for pros and cons of this application.


  • With the use of fun filters from FaceApp, users can quickly and easily change their images to make them appear older, younger, or even transgender.
  • Users and downloads of the app are both free.
  • It is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • FaceApp employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies to realistically analyze and modify photographs.
  • Face App pro is one the advanced versions that a user experiences next level features. 


  • The app has come under fire for its privacy policy, which indicates that it is allowed to sell user data to other parties among other uses for which it may be used.
  • Some customers say the app is sluggish and unstable.

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What’s New

The latest update is about UI fixes and stability improvements.


Is Factory Resetting FaceApp Apps Safe?

No. the reset factory process will not effect on faceapp

Does FaceApp steal your information?

There is no evidence that FaceApp collects private data from its users. However, the app needs access to certain permissions in order to function properly, such as access to the camera and photo gallery. 

Always be mindful of the programmers you’re granting access to your private information and read the permission requests made by each app before downloading it.


Are you looking for a fun smartphone app to enjoy editing your photos? When it comes to customization, FaceApp is the only viable alternative. Having stated that, you can quickly alter your appearance with it in a far more intriguing manner. 

But most importantly, you can always use FaceApp to its best potential because it is free and unlocked on our website.

Additional Information

  • Updated: Jan 19, 2023
  • Size:  40 MB
  • Current Version:  11.3.1
  • Requires Android:  Android 7.0 and up
  • Offered By:  FaceApp Technology Ltd