Dual Space Application Review

Dual Space Application

Nowadays, everyone has two social media accounts including one for personal use and another one for business purposes. Thus, if you’re using too many social networking and messaging applications at once, you run the risk of becoming confused by the numerous notifications coming from various accounts. 

The handy mobile app from dual space will provide you a genuinely original solution to aid you with this.

Using the parallel space technology in the mobile app, Android users may now partition their social media and messaging accounts into distinct groups for business and personal use. You can use dual space to clone various apps and maintain them in distinct locations.

What is it used for?

Dual space will essentially create two distinct ecosystems inside of your mobile devices where you may retain both the original apps and the copies. They can both operate simultaneously without interfering with your devices and won’t. 

You may connect to your several social and messaging accounts simultaneously as a result, eliminating the need to move between them. Use the app to conveniently segregate the app environments for your personal and professional lives. 

Put all of your work-related accounts in one location and your personal ones in the others. Stay linked to both accounts even while you are logged off from the dual clone app, so you may return to them at any moment.

This app will ensure that you may use all of your Android devices to take advantage of its capabilities thanks to its speedy cloning and streamlined application. And the variety of applications will undoubtedly increase the app’s effectiveness and provide you a great time using its capabilities.

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How to Setup Dual Space

  • Explore your Google Play Store for this app. Just download it and install it. 
  • Open the app and create a new account by providing your email address. 
  • Once the account is created, you can now add multiple accounts of various apps. 
  • To do this, click on the ‘+’ button on the left side of the main screen. 
  • Here, you can choose the app that you want to clone.
  •  Enter the required details of the app and click on the ‘Clone’ button. 
  • Now, you can switch between the two accounts using the ‘Switch’ button. 
  • Enjoy using the Dual Space app and its features!

Dual Space Features

Replicating the App

It can duplicate applications. Each application has a unique installation and account. The distinctive aspect of this programme is that no app is installed, contrary to misconception. It will still occur, but separately and without conflict.If you have a lot of duties to finish, this is a great option.

Simple and Easy to Use

Due to the app’s simple UI, Android users in dual space app won’t have any trouble finding their way around at first. To quickly duplicate your apps, feel free to look through the menus and play with certain aspects in the programme. With your mobile devices, create tidy parallel workspaces that are simple to access.

Items in Balance

Also, you will benefit from having two social networking accounts. If you exclusively work on this account, we won’t send a message to another account. The same account cannot, however, be checked into using two different interfaces. With the option to use two accounts on one phone, you can now juggle business and personal life.

Dual Space Application

Pros & Cons


  • Users of the dual space Application can have numerous accounts for the same app. Users may rapidly move between accounts thanks to this without having to log out and back in.
  • This is a simple and cost-free application.
  •  It gives your data and accounts a secure environment.
  • It also offers a safe connection environment for a variety of apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and others.


  • The app can consume a lot of battery life, which may be problematic for users whose smartphones have short battery lives.
  • It can be challenging to locate the precise app you’re looking for, making navigation complex.

What’s New

  • Resolved the issue where some cloned app icons might disappear
  • Fixed backup feature in some cloned apps


Prepare to participate in dual space’s application engaging mobile applications, which let you use parallel spaces on your devices. For this app you can easily create the clone of other space for aspects of memory and your own use of the app. You don’t need to wait for a longer time to sign-out this app for access on your mobile.

Additional Information

  • Updated : Oct 31, 2022
  • Size : 16 MB
  • Current Version : 4.2.2
  • Requires Android: Android 4.4 and up
  • Offered By: DUALSPACE