Dead Target Game Review

Dead Target Game Review

Do you want to play a basic shooting game? Zombies in endless waves, simple or fancy weapons, and total mayhem Do you want to unwind by dumping all of your frustrations from the day into a game? The game DEAD TARGET: Zombie is for you.

It had over 10 million downloads and over one million ratings at the time of writing this article. So, would you like to play a mindless shooting game? you can get this game on both Android and IOS platformseasily.


Your goal is to kill a variety of zombies and clean the city. Killing zombies earns you money, which you may spend on better weapons and bullets. You will also receive gold, which you may use to purchase unique goods such as grenades or medical kits.

As you go through the main objective, you will be assigned to the next army rank. The tasks are held in various locations throughout the city. The game’s Daily Quests and Main Quests keep your interest piqued. Killing zombies not only earns you money but also drops valuable things such as gold.

In the case of the Endless assignment, zombie waves can come from all four directions. DEAD TARGET: ZOMBIE is a straightforward shooter. Because it is free, the developer must have some method of earning a living.

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Why should you play this Game?

The author has spent no money on this game despite playing for almost a year and achieving level 30. The player receives the last weapon at level 30.

Correct gaming strategy and wise use of gold allow you to reach high enough levels without ever hitting a wall. Your player account information and game progress are saved to the cloud when you use Google Play Game Sign-In Integration. This feature provides two key benefits. Your gaming progress is accessible from a variety of devices.

A single game can be played on many handsets. Simply reinstall the game and log in to your account if you switch phones. All of your purchases, settings, and progress are restored. The capability of integration is available in the game settings.

Game Features

In a first-person shooter game, the screen’s center is constantly in the line of fire. In DEAD TARGET, there are two main controls for each thumb, one on each side. The vision is controlled by the left thumb, and the firing by the right. Automatic weapons fire a single shot or a quick burst with just a single tap of the right thumb. Keep your thumb pressed against the screen for a longer period of time to unload the entire clip.

Weapons and Armory

You begin with a basic pistol. As you progress through the missions, you earn more money, which you can use to purchase stronger weaponry. These are the weapons, as well as their unique characteristics.

  • Your first weapon is the M1911 pistol.
  • The HK MP5 is your first automatic weapon.
  • The Benelli M3 is an entry-level shotgun.
  • FN P90 – A simple automatic with a high rate of fire.
  • The 327 Magnum is the world’s most powerful pistol.
  • Upgrade to the Benelli M4!
  • AK – 47 – You already know what you’re going to get.
  • Flamethrower – This weapon is the newest addition to the elite group of weaponry.
  • The McMillan CS5 is the other weapon capable of piercing zombies.
  • M249 LMG – Large magazine and high rate of fire.
  • The Tesla Gun is a lightning-based weapon.
Dead Target Game Review
Latest Weapons

Zombie Types

  • Worker Zombies — Dressed like workers, they simply approach you and attack.
  • Homeless Zombies — Similar to the above, but clothed differently. The lethal impact is the same.
  • Cop Zombies are slightly more well-built and more difficult to kill.
  • Toad Zombie – Because they hop, it’s difficult to aim and hit them. Explode immediately in front of your eyes.
  • The aerial hazard posed by zombie bats.Spider-Woman Zombies – They can only attack you from above. Their tongue is used to draw blood.
  • Venom Zombie — A powerful zombie that attacks from afar with a green acid.
  • Bomber Zombies – They have a large bursting swelling on their backs that sprays you with a greenish acidic substance that depletes your health.
  • Professor Zombies – On their stomachs is a pouch of green fluids. They approach you from afar or from the tops of buildings, throwing the green liquid pouch at you like a grenade.
  • Zombie Dogs are little and easy to kill, but they attack quickly. Because they are at knee level, you may completely miss them during dense waves. Also, keep in mind that they may not come right at you.
  • BOSS – Specialized in the slaughter of beasts. To take them down, you’ll have to put in a lot more work.
Dead Target Game Review
Ready For Battle?

A few zombie varieties may grow in size and become more difficult to kill as the game progresses. A cap or helmet will be worn by just a few Zombie varieties. They can also act as a shield by holding a door or a good metallic frame. These zombies will be more difficult to dispatch.

What’s New?

  • An upcoming new season of Battle Pass
  • New Login Daily UI and New KillTrack System
  • For BrokenThor, improvement


  • Updated : Dec 20, 2022
  • Size : 146 MB
  • Current Version : 4.97.0
  • Requires Android: 5.1 and up
  • Offered By: VNG GAME STUDIOS