AppLock App Review

AppLock App Review

The AppLock application provides a convenient solution for individuals who desire to maintain privacy by restricting access to specific sections of their mobile device. When faced with situations where a mere screen lock fails to provide adequate protection, AppLock serves as a viable option.

Upon launching the application and setting up an unlock pattern, users are presented with a main screen displaying all the available apps that can be locked out. From there, they can easily select the desired app to be secured.


This application offers Android users the ability to enhance their privacy by implementing various security measures such as passwords, patterns, or fingerprint locks on all accessible applications through its comprehensive security tool. This allows users to safeguard their essential applications and ensure they remain protected in secure vaults.

Moreover, this app allows users to conceal any sensitive images or videos in their gallery to prevent unauthorized access. In addition, users can enhance their security by enabling the random keyboard feature, which adds an extra layer of protection to their privacy.

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How to Setup AppLock App

  • To safeguard your applications on an Android device, you can download and install AppLock from the Google Play Store. Once installed, follow the instructions provided by AppLock to set up a PIN or pattern lock. After setting up the lock, you can choose the apps that you want to protect by tapping the lock icon located next to the app.
  • For additional security, AppLock offers advanced features such as a random keyboard, fake crash, and timeout. To enable these features, tap the gear icon in the top right corner and select “Advanced protection.”
  • To further customize AppLock, tap the gear icon and select “Settings.” In the settings, you can change the theme, set the lock duration, and perform other customizations.
  • To make AppLock even more secure, you can choose to hide it from the app drawer and uninstall it only if you enter your PIN or pattern lock.

AppLock App Features

In this Applock App Review we share the latest features of this app which is mention below:

Smart Lock

For those who are interested, AppLock offers advanced smart lock settings that allow Android users to fully customize the in-app experience to their preferences. By configuring the auto-lock and unlock times based on AppLock usage patterns, users can optimize the app’s functionality.

Additionally, users can take advantage of the location lock feature, which allows devices to remain locked or unlocked when visiting specific areas.

Finally, AppLock also offers a temporary escape feature that allows users to temporarily disable the app’s auto-lock options, ensuring uninterrupted usage for a specified period before resuming its security measures.

User Friendly Interface

This application boasts a user interface that is both straightforward and quick to respond, despite the high resolution of its graphics and their vivid color quality, which do not adversely impact the app’s overall speed.

Time frame Lock

This premium feature allows the user to set up a particular locking configuration at a designated time of the day.

Lock on location

The AppLock application is an exceptional and valuable feature that is conveniently accessible free of charge. With this feature, we can secure specific locations by utilizing GPS technology. Essentially, it implies that we can lock our location based on our GPS configuration.

Built-in Internet browser

Android users have the option to utilize the integrated web browser within the AppLock application, which offers numerous private browsing features. You can enable the incognito browser to prevent the storage of browsing data and history. Additionally, this browser also provides protection against potential security threats and vulnerabilities during web browsing.

AppLock App Review

Pros & Cons


  • AppLock serves as a valuable tool in safeguarding the privacy of users by restricting unauthorized access to their apps.
  • In doing so, it not only prevents inadvertent entry of personal information into applications but also provides an additional level of protection for those containing sensitive data.
  • Moreover, AppLock’s intuitive setup and ease of use make it a convenient choice for users seeking a robust security solution.
  • Additionally, AppLock’s automatic locking feature upon phone restart further reinforces its ability to protect user information.


  • Not all apps can be locked with AppLock App. 
  • Some users may find the app intrusive and annoying. 
  • Can be difficult to remember the password to unlock the app. 
  • Some malicious apps can bypass AppLock’s security.

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What’s New

Optimized function, better experience!


If you are concerned about protecting your Android apps and data, you can rely on AppLock’s robust protection features that come with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. You can easily customize the app’s settings to ensure your privacy is safeguarded. Additionally, you can take advantage of the app’s free and fully unlocked version available on our website, making it even more appealing to you.

Additional Information

  • Updated : Nov 22, 2022
  • Size : 28 MB
  • Current Version :  5.6.2
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Offered By: DoMobile Lab